The Dancing Frog - Kneehigh Asylum

From the story by Quentin Blake
Directed by Mike Shepherd

Poor Gertrude thinks she'll never have any love or laughter again when she finds out that her husband's ship has sunk. But then she finds George - a dancing frog! Soon the duo are touring the world with their hip hop beats, spreading light and laughter everywhere they go.

“Was it a true story?

“More or less.”

“But frogs don’t really dance do they?”

“Not, normally, no.”

“And no one could really catch a frog and put it on the stage.”

“You can do all kinds of things if you need to enough.”

Based on Quentin Blake’s The Story of the Dancing Frog, Kneehigh have re-spun this beautiful tale of hope and courage – made at home in their Cornish Barns - and can’t wait to take you whisk you away on an adventure.

Suitable for all ages*Site opens at 2.30pm

Dates + Times
Mon 6 August: 3pm
Tue 7 August: 3pm
Wed 8 August: 3pm
Thu 9 August: 3pm
Fri 10 August: 3pm
Sat 11 August: 3pm
Mon 13 August: 3pm
Tue 14 August: 3pm
Wed 15 August: 3pm
Thu 16 August: 3pm
Fri 17 August: 3pm
Sat 18 August: 3pm
Mon 20 August: 3pm
Tue 21 August: 3pm
Wed 22 August: 3pm
Thu 23 August: 3pm
Thu 24 August: 3pm
Fri 25 August: 3pm
Sat 26 August: 3pm

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Image: Quentin Blake