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Horsemoor Hide Interpretation Centre

Horsemoor Hide lays at the heart of our Wider Estate, offering the perfect location to enjoy Heligan's wildlife, both on screen and directly outside.

Here you can view live and recorded footage, captured from across the estate by a network of innovative technology and witness intimate dramas of the natural world. These experiences allow fascinating wildlife interaction whilst limiting disturbance to the wild creatures being observed.

Throughout the gardens and estate, which are actively managed to encourage wildlife populations, you may observe many fascinating creatures, from birds, insects and amphibians to moths, bats and even the famous barn owls that have featured on BBC Springwatch. 

Also on display at Horsemoor Hide is a selection of images created in the ‘x-ray studio’ at Heligan. These ‘see through’ images taken from the natural world explore the intricate beauty of nature that is ordinarily hidden from sight. The pieces of ‘x-ray art’ display a unique collaboration between technical skill, natural beauty and an artistic eye, which combine to form amazing images, encouraging the viewer to take a closer look. The flora and fauna chosen for the x-ray pictures have generally recognisable shapes and forms but by looking inside and magnifying by up to 100 times a new world emerges, revealing the internal structure of the subject in perfect detail.

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