Live Webcam

Throughout the year, a network of remote wildlife webcams gather intimate footage from around The Lost Gardens of Heligan and transmit it to our visitors in The Hide. This ‘wildlife cam’ is designed to share with you the most exciting seasonal wildlife that we are currently observing.

Live Barn Owl Webcam

Nesting in a barn on the edge of the Heligan estate are two beautiful Barn Owls.

Our first Barn Owl Egg of the year was laid at 12:02 on 4th May. The second was laid at 23:14 on 6th May and a third on 9th May at 20:28.

Typically 4-6 eggs are laid so there may yet be more to come. Barn Owls begin incubation as soon as the first egg is laid and after 31-32 days’ incubation, the eggs hatch every 2-3 days, usually in the order they were laid.

With our first egg being laid on 4th May we would anticipate seeing the first egg hatch at the beginning of June.

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