Heligan Barn Owls

Last year in their nesting barn on the edge of the Heligan estate, our native Barn Owls successfully reared 2 owlets from 3 laid eggs; one female and one male.

Our first Barn Owl egg was laid at 12:02 on 4th May and hatched on the 5th June. The second was laid at 23:14 on 6th May and hatched on the 11th June and a third on 9th May at 20:28; unfortunately, this one did not hatch.

With its wildlife sensitive management, the Heligan Estate has been home to breeding Barn Owls for over 13 years; each year seeing anywhere between 2 and 5 chicks fledging into the local countryside.

David Ramsden OBE of the Barn Owl Trust came along to carry out the annual ringing and to check the barn owls overall health. We are pleased to report that both were good and healthy with the male weighing in at 440g and the female 468g.

Claire our new Wildlife Project Coordinator went along with David to meet the barn owls for the first time and to acquaint herself with the nesting barn.            

The owlets stayed in our purpose built nest box until they were ready to fledge in late August/early September.

September arrived and we hadn’t seen any activity in the nest for the a few weeks so we believed that the two barn owls had started Juvenile Dispersal.  The young barn owls will now venture out to find their own territory. Their chosen territory will be determined by the amount of available food, availability of a dry roost and whether or not there is the presence of an unpaired Barn Owl of the opposite sex. 

In 2016 we experienced a number of technical issues with our live webcam. We have made the decision to remove this live stream from our website while we investigate these issues.

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