A Summer Celebration of Theatre

Join us for a summer celebration of 25 years at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, brought to you through the medium of song, dance, theatre and storytelling by irrepressibly brilliant local theatre companies; Rogue Theatre and the Cscape Dance Company.

This July and August, allow your imagination to run wild, as you step into a wild and exciting story-world, created by multi award winning Rogue Theatre at the enchanted heart of The Lost Gardens.

When The Lost Gardens stirred from a lifelong sleep, the flowers woke first, and then the animals, and then the trees, and then the birds, and then, quite unexpectedly; another world woke as well! 

The Lost Gardens Summer Ball is an immersive theatre adventure that weaves along the beautiful paths of Heligan and into the story world of The Land of Fae. And there, The Woodland King and The Moon await to share thrilling and fantastical tales that will come to life upon the stage. And at the end, we can dance together (if you want to, you are invited) it is a ball after all!

Throughout August Hansel & Gretel are in the depths of magical woodland but desperate to find their way home. From stones to crumbs, can they follow their trail or will they be side-tracked by the allure of that sticky, sweet home in the woods? And what about the little old lady within? She seems positively lovely…

Cscape Dance Company turn the twisting pathways at The Lost Gardens of Heligan in to an evening of story-telling, dance, music, design and installation. Join them on a journey through the gardens on this evocative, surprising and memorable experience for all the family. Prepare for darkness, light, magic and wonder… and maybe even a few ‘sweeties’ along the way!

For the full line up of events please click here to visit the Heligan events page.