Bottoms up, as Heligan gets into the Christmas Spirits!

The Lost Gardens of Heligan have teamed up with local businesses to launch a line of top quality spirits, meads and beers in line with the increasing demand from visitors wanting to take home a little piece of Heligan.

We have partnered with the Cornish Spirit Company in Newlyn, to release a traditional honey and a blackberry Mead, their own unique version of Moonshine and a range of inspired toffee vodkas, using Heligan’s very own heritage seasonal produce; just in time for the festive period!

Many years ago, the Heligan Gardeners and Estate workers who went to war in 1914, would certainly have encountered the French equivalent of Moonshine “Eau-de Vie”, which was used to give the soldiers warmth and courage in the trenches. Therefore, it was only fitting that the Lost Gardens today teamed up with local spirit producers, the Cornish Spirit Co to produce a high-grade spirit distilled from Heligan mead, with its own contemporary twist.

The range of toffee vodkas being produced will include flavours of rhubarb, mint, apple, beetroot and spiced parsnip and are a triumph in harmonious flavour combinations. They work perfectly in many forms, be it ice-cold straight from the fridge, drizzled over your favourite ice cream or turned into a fine granita as a dinner party classic!

Heligan’s Productive Gardens, which were designed to predominantly serve the Tremayne family, have a very limited supply of seasonal produce available to make these unique and seasonally led vodkas. So if you want to get your hands on some, pop along to the Heligan shop whilst stocks last.

We haven’t stopped there and have added a pure vodka to our portfolio, by teaming up with local vodka company Aval Dor, to produce a bespoke vodka using Heligan’s very own heritage potatoes.

Aval Dor (potato in Cornish), is a family run business on Colwith Farm near Fowey. The family have been farming for 5 generations and now produce some of the finest Cornish King Edward potatoes, which are used exclusively to make their outstanding vodka. The white spirits market is not adversely affected by seasonality, therefore making this potato based liquor a perfect addition to the collection throughout Heligan’s gardening year.

Last but certainly not least, we have worked together closely with organic & vegetarian craft brewery producers, Atlantic Brewery on the North Coast of Cornwall. Together we have designed a trio of stunning craft beers blending key ingredients from the garden.

All products have already proved very popular with visitors to the Heligan Shop and are a perfect gift for somebody special or a treat for you this Christmas!

Image Credit: Albert Savage Photography