Three Garden Traineeship Launched

Three Cornish Greats have combined forces to provide the best possible start for some committed and enthusiastic horticulturists in the form of ‘Tripos – the Three Gardens Traineeship’. The trio of world renowned gardens which include the Eden Project, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and Tresco Abbey Gardens are set to send students into a frenzy as they are offered  a unique opportunity to take on a year long traineeship like no other.

Two aspiring horticulturists, will be given the opportunity to embark on this incredible journey, which will see them learn the theory and practice of gardening in three of possibly the world's most famous gardens.

“Horticulture is a profession and an applied science with similar substance to pharmacy, engineering or medicine yet, in the UK, it is regarded as something less. The Three Gardens Project is our angry roar to re-envision the dignity, respect and contemporary relevance into horticulture and agronomy. Without creating a new culture around this the global need for food security, food safety, land remediation and beauty…will be in vain. We are committing ourselves to repositioning horticulture as a modern, challenging and acutely relevant career choice central to the lives of all people, with great prospects. If we can achieve that all our previous works will seem minor in comparison. In my view this is probably the most exciting ambition we could possibly have.” – Sir Tim Smit

Each of the three gardens offers a unique experience and insight into the best and most diverse horticultural practices. Whether the students will be scaling a tropical biome, tending to heritage vegetables utilising century old techniques or tending sub-tropical species in the historic walls of an ancient monastery; the experience will certainly be fruitful!

“Enthusing the next generations of gardeners at just how important their chosen vocation is in this changing world is paramount in the idea. This joint venture will give our very lucky trainees inspirational training at these fantastic yet very different horticultural venues. It’s about learning correct horticultural husbandry, the honing of traditional and modern skills, methods and practices. The trainees will be given time to understand the importance of Marketing/Events and other business streams within the modern Horticultural business. We will all strive to ensure this new generation of "journeymen gardeners" have our help with their career progression.”- Iain Davies.

The Gardens' Directors have each committed themselves to mentoring the students giving them privileged access to their knowledge. At Heligan, students will be under the watchful eye of Head Gardener Iain Davies who has in his 32 year career worked at and created some of the UK’s most impressive private gardens. At Eden, guidance will be provided by Mike Maunder who has unrivalled experience of botanical gardening, whilst on the sunny island of Tresco, students can gain insight from Mike Nelhams whose knowledge of Mediterranean climate zone flora is the envy of the horticultural world.

 “We feel very privileged to be able to link up with two world class gardens in Eden and Heligan and to offer something new to Horticultural Education. Cornwall has the capacity to be able to give a wide and unique experience within one County. Each garden presenting something different , exciting and thought provoking. We seek to find and enthuse the new wave of garden managers , head gardeners and specialists to take horticulture forward to a new level”.   – Mike Nelhams

To be considered for one of these exclusive Tripos Traineeships, students need to be able to demonstrate that they have either worked within the horticultural industry and/or have studied horticulture in one of its many forms. This is open to anyone with the above but more so the attitude and mind set must be very determined to succeed. 

For anyone interested in applying for the chance to be one of the first ‘Tripos’ students then application forms can now be downloaded by clicking here in advance of interviews which are set to be held in London in April/May 2017.

The Tripos, Three Garden Horticultural Traineeship will begin in September 2017 and take a year to complete resulting in the Tripos in Practical Horticulture. During this period all students will receive basic pay as well as having their accommodation provided for them. However, opportunity doesn’t stop at the end of the traineeship as the trio of Head Gardeners combine horticultural influence and extend opportunities for the student beyond the initial year into the world gardening stage.