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Northern Gardens

Step back in time as you explore these fascinating gardens now restored to their former glory.

Productive Gardens

Acting as a living window to the past, our award-winning restoration of the Victorian Productive Gardens stands as a working memorial to Heligan’s Lost Gardeners.

Intensively cultivated throughout the year, these gardens once met almost all the needs of the Tremayne family and their guests at the Big House. Today over 200 varieties of mostly heritage fruit, vegetable, salad and herb are lovingly tended to supply the Heligan Tearoom with fresh, seasonal produce throughout the year. 

The Vegetable Garden, walled Flower Garden and Melon Yard are an enticing stage for a glorious array of traditional crops and growing methods. Learn about exotic glasshouse fruits, Victorian crop rotation and discover atmospheric working buildings, offering an intriguing insight into a lost world. 

Pleasure Grounds

First laid out over 200 years ago, the Pleasure Grounds conceal an unusual range of romantic structures and unexpected features, linked by a network of walks lined by a magnificent collection of historic plantings.

Journey across the world beneath the ancient rhododendron boughs of Sikkim, beside Maori-carved tree ferns in New Zealand, to discover our Italian Garden and Alpine-inspired Ravine. 

With historic plantings over 150 years old, the Pleasure Grounds are also home to our National Collection of ‘Camellias and Rhododendrons introduced to Heligan pre-1920’. Let these magnificent yet vulnerable specimens captivate you as they bless the gardens with a flood of vibrant spring colour.

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