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New and Exclusive Heligan Ice Cream

2nd August 2013

The Lost Gardens of Heligan have teamed up with Callestick Farm Ice Cream to create something special for their visitors; an artisan flavour to be experienced in the beautiful surrounds of Heligan Gardens, a reflection of the garden in Summer and, of course, a pure indulgence too!

Callestick Farm have supplied Heligan with their rich and decadent Cornish ice creams for many years and it has been a constant surprise to both just how adventurous the Heligan clientele have proven when compared to sales at beach sites and other scooping outlets throughout Cornwall.  The traditional Clotted Cream Vanilla, Clotted Cream & Strawberry and Chocolate sell in abundance, of course, but some of the more unusual flavours such as Gooseberry Fool and Chunky Stem Ginger give them a real run for their money, perhaps a reflection of the more ‘foodie’ taste buds of the typical Heligan visitor.

“When we talked about the idea of creating a special flavour for the Heligan customers we knew we could be slightly bolder in our choice of flavours, they have proven year after year to be open to new and unusual combinations and show a real interest in some of the more unusual fruits and additions” commented Melanie Marsh of Callestick Farm Ice Cream.

Heligan Gardens have long been advocates of using produce from their own garden and estate. Of course a hundred years ago the garden’s main purpose was to supply produce for the kitchen at Heligan House and the garden is still fully productive throughout the year, providing a constant source of over 200 varieties of seasonal fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs for the restaurant. Heligan Garden’s Home Farm also rears its own herd of Dexter cattle, as well as sheep and pigs, which again, supply the tearoom with meat.In the same vein Callestick Farm and Heligan thought it would be great to choose a flavour that was representative of a productive summer at Heligan Gardens and that would conjure notions of beautiful balmy summer’s days in the garden with the sound of bees buzzing, a real refresher too, perhaps something less heavy than the traditional clotted cream recipes. And so it was born; a frozen yoghurt rippled with honey and generously sprinkled with walnuts!

“We feel the flavours we have chosen are in the spirit of the garden and we are thrilled with the outcome.  The bee boles here at Heligan are always a really popular feature and of course the good old honey bee is incredibly important to our garden, we also have our own English Walnut Tree down in the Steward’s House Garden too. This really is a lovely reviving flavour combination, and a break from the norm, which we know our visitors always appreciate.” Jah Hemming, Catering Manager at The Lost Gardens

This cooling treat is available now, exclusively at Heligan for all those over-heating garden lovers out there this summer.


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